Past clients stories


Past Client Testimonies

Name: Beth T.
Subject: Fabulous Insight and Knowledge
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I  came to Shana in a health crisis. I hadn't felt "normal" in some time  and had been diagnosed with Lupus. Shana helped me understand what my  body was going through and coached/educated me on the gluten free food  diet I needed to follow to be successful. We are now currently working  on a weight lose program and I can't wait to share my results. I would  recommend Shana several times over to anyone needing a health coach.

Name: Sadie C.
Subject: She Got Me Started 

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Shana  has been amazing in helping me and my family start a journey of Health.  She's given my husband and me the advice to optimize our health. She  gave me the tips that I needed to create healthy meals for my family.  Shana has put us on a healthy path. Now my family and I eat healthier,  and are stronger mentally and physically because she cares from the  inside out. I couldn't do it without her support and encouragement. I'm  so thankful that Shana is my family health coach. 

Name: Sarah A.N, MFA, PMA©-CPT
Subject: Always a pleasure 
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Shana  is very knowledgeable in a variety of wellness arenas, always a  pleasure to spend time with, and honestly cares about you. I especially  love learning about and using the essential oils I purchase from her.  Thank You Shana! 

Name: Alicia P.
Subject: Wow...
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Miss  Shana, I imagine all the people suffering from Crohns, IBS and such,  essentially healing themselves just by getting the RIGHT information. So  many people don't know which questions to ask... You will be their  answer.

Name: Liz H.
Subject: You were right.
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I  have gone to my doctor because I know something's just not right.  Finally, they said what you have been telling me all along. Thank you  for helping me pinpoint. I am now aware. Thank you for helping me heal.