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As a coach, I put the power back in your hands.   Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Schedule an initial consultation with me today. Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. We will talk about things beyond food, seek balance as an important element in your life, focus on love and relationships, identify career goals, and strengthen your spirituality. I will personally and carefully guide you towards making simple, small changes for transforming your life. Are you ready to start feeling better than ever?  Schedule an initial consultation with me today!

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 This comprehensive, personalized Men's Health History Form is the best way to introduce yourself to me. Simply sign-up below, and I will be in touch shortly. This is the first step towards obtaining your health needs. Simply click below. Blessings, Shana

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I look forward to getting to know you, and joining your journey towards happiness, health, and overall wellness. What areas are you feeling disenchanted with? What heaviness and burdens are you ready to let go? By clicking below, we can get you back to better. 

Hugs and blessings, Shana

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I have missed you! What has your life been like since we last worked together? In what areas have you remained pro-actice? What are your new challenges? How can I help you regain your balance and optimal health? I look forward to helping you reset and recharge.

Many blessings, Shana

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